Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Afternoon - Agenda Day

Every Friday council members pop in to city hall to pick up their meeting agenda packages for the following week. The packages are usually ready by about noon so when there is a council meeting on the following Monday that give council members approximately 3 twenty-four hour days to read up on everything they'll see Monday at 7:00pm. The packages also include any mail or faxes that have been sent to council as well as agendas for committee meetings.

This week's stack of agendas was particularly thick as you can see below. The thickest of the documents is the agenda for Monday night's council meeting (agenda pdf). Most of it's heft is due to the public hearings on things like the South Avondale Area Redevelopment Plan, and West Gate Outline Plan.

So, aside from popping by the Lions Kid's Day in the Park and bringing greetings on behalf of the mayor to the Aboriginal Headstart Program wrap up today I also have a little reading ahead of me this weekend!

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