Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Council Time - Nov 16 to Dec 15, 2007

Here's the second in my posts answering the question: How much time does being an alderman take?

You can find all of these post under the label "Council Time" or by clicking here.

I mentioned in the first post that it's tough to measure everything so again, please take this only as a rough estimate of things that I have physically attended at. Some things may have taken slightly less or slightly more time. Also, I'm not including; time spent reading agendas, travelling to and from meetings or answering resident's phone calls or emails. Those add up too but again they are really tough to measure.

Through this month you can see how the budget discussions took a huge chunk of time right at the start of this term. This won't happen every year because we run a 3 year budget here in Grande Prairie. Next time we look at budget it will be much shorter because it will essentially be a review where we address olny the things that may have changed from our plan set in the first year.

Also you'll see the AUMA conference took a couple of days. That was down in Edmonton this year and if you'd like to see the posts I made from the conference they are here.

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