Friday, April 18, 2008

Peace Residents Trained as Climate Project Presenters

Some cool news popped up in my in box yesterday; two Peace Country residents have been trained as presenters to give Al Gore's climate change slideshow. Read the news release below for all the details. I think it's pretty cool that we now have this kind of resource locally. .... I can't wait to hear what my friend GPConservativewill have to say about this, I'm sure he's going to love it. ; )

Any how, congratulations Walter and Dana!

April 14, 2008

The Climate Project and Al Gore train two local Peace Region residents to be Presenters for the Climate Project

Grande Prairie and Peace River residents Walter Andreeff and Dana Laliberte recently completed The Climate Project training program led by Nobel Laureate Al Gore to spread the message about the challenges and solutions to the climate crisis.

"Walter and Dana are outstanding examples of the millions of Canadians who have been energized by the call to action on the climate crisis," said Gore. "We are so pleased that they have made a serious commitment to this challenge by participating in The Climate Project - Canada's training session in Montreal."

As two of 275 Canadians trainees, Walter and Dana will be spending the next year making presentations in and around the Peace Region discussing how individuals in their homes, businesses and communities can take the actions necessary to reduce their environmental impacts and urge others to action.

Walter and Dana were part of a select group of individuals chosen to receive this important training on April 4-6 in Montreal. Presenters took part in an intensive learning session about issues surrounding climate change. These sessions were led by Mr. Gore, Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Andrew Weaver, who was science advisor for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In addition, each presenter received technical training to become experienced communicators of the latest version of Gore's slideshow, which became the basis of his best-selling book and Academy Award-winning documentary film, "An Inconvenient Truth."

The inaugural training session of The Climate Project was held in Nashville, Tennessee on September, 2006. Since then, 2250 people from all spectrums of society have attended 13 training sessions in 6 countries on four continents.

Trainee Bio's:

Walter Andreeff is the Economic Development Advisor for a large multinational oil and gas company developing a natural gas project in northern B.C. Mr. Andreeff received his Bachelor of Science in Applied and Environmental Geology degree program in 2001 at the University of Calgary as well as completing a minor degree program in Earth science.

Dana Laliberte is a teacher who works as the Supervisor of Instruction for Holy Family Catholic Schools in Peace River. She has lived in the Peace Country her entire life, leaving twice to attend the University of Alberta where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Education Administration. She has done extensive volunteer work in her community over the years and is currently a member of the Peace River Environmental Society. She wants her children and grandchildren to know she worked to make a difference.

To book a Climate Change presentation in your area, people are requested to sign up HERE

For Further Information Contact:

Walter Andreeff, Grande Prairie
(780) 518-4960

Dana Laliberte, Peace River
(780) 624-5788

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gpconservative said...

Congrats Walter and Dana.
I remember a number of years ago I watched An inconvenient truth, and was quite disturbed when I seen those images of countries being totally wiped out by rising sea level. I thought WOW the end is near.Fear gripped my bones.

I found out later that what Al Gore was showing was a hypothetical rise of sea levels by 7 meters. All research including the IPCC shows a rise of anywhere between 5-140cm over the next 100 years.
This is one example of the video that was effective but highly inaccurate.
I hope all the pupils have come to a climate change opinion based on a honest and thorough review of all sides.
Best of luck to them.


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