Saturday, May 31, 2008

FCM 2008, Day Two

Well, it's a rainy day here in Québéc City and I haven't been able to take in any of the convention today.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend has had to make use of the Québéc healthcare system and is in surgery right now as I write this. Thankfully it's a relatively common surgery which they can do without having to be too invasive. She made a trip to emergency early yesterday morning and had to go back later on in the day when things got worse.

On the downside; she's spent at least ten (very painful) hours waiting in the emergency room between the two trips. On the upside; of course the nurses and doctors are great.

What's really, really, unfortunate is that this all could have been avoided. She had booked four weeks in advance for the same surgery at the QEII back in GP ... only to have it cancelled on the day, after waiting at the hospital for 4 hours. So, rather than doing it in a planned manor where it was elective and she could have been back home in bed afterwards - it's now an emergency situation halfway across the country.

Well, hopefully everything will be fine... she'll end up with the surgery she needed (which is really good) and the worst that happens is that we may have to stay here a little longer than we thought.

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Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about your girlfriend's visit with the Quebec health system and your need to miss a day of the FCM conference, especially when it could have been avoided with more timely service in GP. Hope she's feeling a lot better soon.


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