Thursday, April 26, 2007

Aquatics Centre & Field House

Here are some pics from the proposed Aquatics Centre & Field House at the Community Knowledge Campus. The cost of the "full meal deal" that you see represented here is estimated at about $102M. So, what do you think?


wnellis said...

Those pictures look great. I really really hope that we bite the bullet and complete the whole project. That fieldhouse would be a godsend in the winter.

Bill Given said...

Thanks Wade, there is a fly thru video as well but it's over 100MB. I'm not sure if youtube will handle that.

At the forum last night a question was asked about if the field house would have support columns. The answer was that it probably would. So, just to be clear the pictures are missing that. I thought of you because the person who asked the question mentioned football.


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