Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quick Round Up

A few quick hits for your reading pleasure

Comment on Alberta's 07 Budget
Ken Chapman looks at the new budget and sees the influence of Stelmach, Hancock & Oberg.

My Comment: Ken has some insightful posts on his blog and this is another one but it's also interesting to read the comments on this post, not everyone agrees with Ken's analysis.

Medicine Hat No Longer the Gas CIty?
The City of Medicine Hat has had it's own natural gas utility company for years, the gas fields are set to run dry soon and that may mean big changes that residents will not be happy about.
story & video

My Comment: One former GP council member said to me that we had an opportunity to set up the same thing waaaaay back and didn't take it. Looking back he said it was one of the biggest mistakes council has ever made. Well, at least we aren't in for the shock that Med Hatters could be.

Edmonton Looks at a New Downtown Arena to cost $400M?
Edmonton city council is at the very begining stages of considering a new downtown arena development that could host the Oilers.

My Comment:It's kind of unfortunate that right after the province announces new money for cities in the budget this comes out - it won't help the public perception that cities are only building the luxury items and "nice-to-haves". Related post: Related Post:Medicine Hat's plan to build a $90M areana for the WHL Tigers.

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