Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick Round Up

A few quick hits for your reading pleasure

Amalgamation On The Way?
Residents in the Town of Lac La Biche and Lakeland County are going to vote on amalgamation.

My Comment: I'll read the docs and get back to you. Interesting that this is in the Minister of Municipal Affairs home consticuency.

New Hospital In The Budget For GP?
Premier Stelmach let it slip that there is money for a new Grande Prairie hospital in the budget.

My Comment: About time, it's gonna cost more than they think. (I would have linked to the DHT but sadly they haven't updated the site as of 4:30 Friday.

CanadaWest Foundation: Residents Feel Cities Have Enough Money
Survey of large western cities shows that the infrastructure deficit message isn't getting accross to the public.

My Comment:What?! Are you kidding me?! Obviously we aren't getting through to the public like we want to. Maybe they should read my post on the infrastructure deficit.

Liberal Municipal Affairs & Housing Critic Visits GP
MLA Dave Taylor, Liberal shadow minster for Municipal Affairs & Housing checks out the housing crunch in Grande Prairie.

My Comment:We had a chance to meet with Dave as a council & it was great to see him make the time to visit GP. I wish we had more MLAs making the trip.

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