Monday, April 23, 2007

MCFP Details

The Minister is just about to release the details of the program. Some of the key point we didn't know before:

- $140M per year, divided between four regions in the province: Calgary, Edmonton (and capital region), other cities and rural.

- Maximum Grant amount is $10M.

- Grants under $500 000 must contribute matching dollars, provincial funding cannot be more than 50% of the project cost.

- Grants over $500 000 must have 2/3 funding from the applicant.

From there its pretty much your usual grant program.

So, that means that GP has a $35M "pot of money" to apply for this year and again next year. We won't be competing against Edm. & Calgary but we will have to vie with the likes of Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Med Hat.

Interesting that Edmonton and Capital region is its own region. I wonder if that means that St. Albert, Spruce Grove and Strathcona County are in that pot.

Of note the minister referenced the Coca-Cola Center as the type of facility that would be applying for funds.

He also recognized Mayor Ayling and said that He looked forward receiving an application from GP.

The application forms won't be up for a week. I know city staff will be looking to download them as soon as possible.

Looks like good news.

The Minister has just wrapped up a little question and answer session and them media are scrumbing. (That may not be a word)

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