Monday, April 16, 2007

College Cancels Swim Program

The Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) just cancelled it's competitive swim team.

It sounds as though there were a few different influencing factors but lack of available space to run the program is specifically mentioned.

I think this goes to show that if you don't have the space (or enough time) available the community looses things one by one because of that lack of capacity.

Here's the media release:

April 16, 2007

GPRC Cuts its Wolves Swim Program

GPRC Wolves Athletics announces, with regret, that it is terminating its swim program. As a result, GPRC will no longer participate in the Swim Program of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Association (ACAC) effective immediately.

The Wolves Swim Program has operated in a partnership with the G.P. Piranhas Swim Club since 1996 and the program has produced some outstanding performances.

"The decision to terminate the program has been difficult," noted Leigh Goldie, Chair of the Department of PEAK. "We have seen some great successes, and know that in large part this success is due to the training done by the swimmers with the Piranhas Swim Club," Goldie added.

A review which was recently conducted has revealed that the number of
swimmers who participate exclusively through Wolves Athletics has diminished dramatically over the years. Wolves Swimming successes, of late, have been largely realized by Piranhas swimmers who attend GPRC.

The review has also identified concern with pressure on available facilities. Current available pool time cannot handle the demands of all the aquatic clubs. This factor limits any possible growth of the Wolves Swim Program as it is reliant on time available to the Piranhas Swim Club.

Another significant factor is the trend being experienced in the ACAC Swim Program. The number of colleges participating has diminished over the years and there is no indication that this trend will change. The fact that it is a one semester sport with no national championship further justifies the decision to opt out now.

GPRC Wolves Athletics is very appreciative of the partnership it has had with the G.P. Piranhas Swim Club. Their involvement has been key to the successes of the Wolves Swim Program. We wish the Piranhas continued success with their program.

For more information, please contact:
Francois Fournier
Athletic Director

So, as I said there were lots of factors that went into the decision.

The meeting I'm about to go into at 2pm is looking at awarding the construction tender for the new Cultural Centre and I'm supporting moving ahead with it - I don't want to see our community atrophy because we don't have the capacity our residents are looking for.

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