Thursday, April 26, 2007

On-Campus Housing Increased by 110 bedrooms: Official OpeningCeremonies Today

GPRC News release...

"On-Campus Housing Increased by 110 bedrooms: Official Opening Ceremonies Today

The official opening of Phase IV of the Student Village residence complex at Grande Prairie Regional College today means that a total of 369 students will have on-campus housing when they start classes in September 2007.

Phase IV has added 110 beds, including six bedrooms in suites which are wheelchair accessible, plus housing offices, mailroom and laundry room. The units will be fully completed by the end of June, and all spaces are already allocated to students enrolled for the Fall semester at GPRC.

"The Board of Governors is committed to removing barriers to post-secondary education for students of our region," says Chair Fletcher Bootle. "We recognize that finding suitable accommodation is a challenge for many students, and we are very pleased to have been able to add on-campus housing spaces regularly over the past several years."

Construction on Phase IV began last summer, adding to the series of townhouse-style units which has been steadily growing since 2001, complementing the Anderson Hall residence which was opened in 1983. All units are fully furnished, providing private bedrooms and shared bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Meeting the need for housing for students with families is another priority which GPRC is addressing this year. Five of the free-standing townhouse units at Anderson Hall will be converted to family housing, and available for occupancy September 1st 2007. The housing committee will place five of the more than 25 which have completed application documents in the family housing units, based upon need.

Meanwhile, on-campus housing will be bustling all summer with guests such as conference delegates, students from across the country coming to Grande Prairie for summer jobs, young athletes in our community to train in their sports, and GPRC students who are staying in their units over the summer due to employment in the community.

Grande Prairie Regional College, its students and their families, and the communities it serves are all delighted to declare Phase IV Student Village officially open.

Susan Thompson
Communications Assistant
Community Relations
Grande Prairie Regional College"

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