Tuesday, May 29, 2007

City / School Board Partnership

The GP Catholic School Board has posted the floor plans for the new Mother Teresa School that will open on the southeast side of the city sometime in 2008. The floor plans highlight the involvement of the city, which contributed to the construction of the school. The city provided money to expand one gym to a size that is useable for adult recreation AND to build an additional gymnasium. floor plan

The recreation masterplan full plan pdf spotlighted the many areas where we are short in space for people to spend their off hours. I think this is an innovative way to address that need - we are also doing the same with the Public School Board but they don't seem to have the plans on line. It cost the city about $4m for each school which is much less than it would have cost us to build these as stand alone projects, plus they will be up and running much sooner than if we had done it ourselves.

I wonder who's good idea that was ... (check item #7)

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