Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quick Round Up

A few quick hits for your reading pleasure

Province Consulting Municipalities on TILMA
The Alberta Government is running a series of events across the province to consult with municipalities on TILMA.

My Comment:I've mentioned TILMA a few times before. AUMA is urging member municipalities to read TILMA and attend the sessions. I think I'll have this added a committee agenda so we have someone look at the issue and present our concerns at the GP meeting.

City of Edmonton and Home Builders Team Up on Litter

My Comment: I seem to see quite a bit of stuff blowing around from all the construction sites in the city. I know litter is one of the things that people say gets under their skin here in GP, maybe some team work like this would help.

Canada West Foundation Releases Western Cities Sourcebook
Detailed info on the West's largest cities; Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. You can purchase the book from the foundation. Check the story link for details on what info is in there.

My Comment: We are always comparing ourselves to other comunities to see if we are doing similar things or if there are areas we can improve. Having detailed data like this would be helpful - if only there was another soucebook focusing on the mid-sized cities.

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