Friday, May 18, 2007

Liberal Leader Recognizes GP Housing Crunch

If you live in Grande Prairie you know what I mean by "housing crunch". If you own a house you count yourself lucky. If you are looking to buy a house you're wondering how you are going to afford it. If you are renting you're worried about how long you'll still be able to afford that. If you're new here, without a house or somewhere to stay, you are in a desparate situation.

As the city we've been working on it but it would be nice to know that the government with the billion dollar surpluses over the last few years understands how bad it is here too. We've seen some help to be sure, but more is needed.

So, I was happy to hear Grande Prairie mentioned in this video from the Alberta Liberal leader Kevin Taft. If the leaders of any of the other parties want to post a video speaking about Grande Prairie's housing crunch I'd be happy to post them too. Until then, here's the video from the Liberals.

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