Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking Into TILMA

I mentioned the TILMA in a post last week. At that time I finished by saying:

"There are lots of immediate issues facing GP and they’ll get continue to get my full attention but the impacts of TILMA could be so far reaching that I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t at the very least have a look at it."

I have done a little more "looking" tonight and I see that many municipalities are concerned about TILMA and the impacts it could have on local government. Just a little of the chatter out there:

SUMA - Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association,
President, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour - Larry Hubich'sBlog
BC Municipalities - From the Owls and Roosters Blog

Most relevant to Grande Prairie though is the position of the AUMA - Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. So, it looks like there might be something there. I'm glad to see that the association is paying attention and working to make sure that municipalities interests are protected. I'll keep up to date on the action they are taking and support them where it makes sense for GP.

Oh, and I found the report from Saskatoon.

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