Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Globe & Mail Tells Fort Mac to Move over for GP

The Globe and Mail ran a great article yesterday recognizing Grande Prairie like this:

"Grande Prairie is the unknown Fort McMurray, an Alberta energy capital that's riding a wave of booming growth - yet remains well below the radar of even most Albertans."

Great article - worth a read.

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ken chapman said...

Bill the "secret," namely that GP has had enormous growth pressures has been known for years - especially by those of us who watch and track such things.

I helped write the Business Case for the public infrastructure needs in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, particularly Fort McMurray, in 2004-05. We had an inkling of the GP concerns back then too.

Same is true in smaller comminities like Hinton. They are facing growth pressures too, at small scale but same intensity and local impact.

Nice to see GP get some MSM national attention.

Something else that needs serious attention is Mountain Pine Beetle. How is that impacting on GP these days?


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