Thursday, May 10, 2007

Housing Congress - Day 2

The keynote this morning was from Philip Mangano, the Executive Director of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness He was just recognized by Time as one of the 100 most influental people of 2006. Time had this to say about him:

"The war on homelessness has made more progress in the past five years than in the previous 100 thanks to Philip Mangano, the Federal Government's homelessness czar. When the history of the Bush Administration is written, we will remember Mangano as its finest appointee because he has had the courage to insist that homelessness must not be managed but solved."

Notes from the keynote:

- 20 U.S. Federal Departments are involved in the Council and ending homelessness. Everyone from Homeland Security to Transportation to Vetrans Affairs to Health.

- Noticed that 10% of the homeless population was consuming 50% of the resources targeted towards the issue.

- Change the paradigm from "How can we manage the homelessness issue?" to "How can we solve this?"

- Suggested taking a cost/benefit anayisis approach to investment in the issue & focus investment on the area where you can make the largest impact.

- Show the results of the investment and leverage sucess to draw further investment into the issue.

The mixing at these things is always interesting, I sat at a table with one of the people scheduled to speak later on. Chris Carter is a MP in the New Zealand government and the Minister of Conservation, Housing and Ethnic Affairs.

Next: on to the first workshop, Housing in a Booming Economy.

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