Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Cross The Blue Line

Last time I was up here in Yellowknife I noticed the blue line at our hotel right as soon as I walked to the door. It didn't take long before I found out what it was. I thought this time around I'd grab my digital camera and snap a quick picture to share with you....

Here's the blue line at the door to the mulitplex where the conference is hosted. See it down there?

What's it for? Look closer at the sign next to the door.....

That blue line is the distance that smokers have to stay away from the door. Thats how smoking is handled in the NWT.


gpconservative said...

Notice where the cigarette butts are? HEHE
About a foot in front of the blue line, where smokers are smoking. Of course its because there is nothing out there for peeps to put them in.Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

Smokers are slobs! Why esle do they flick their butts out the windows when they have an ashtray in the vechicle. Half dump the ashtray in the parking lots anyhow


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