Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fight Crime - With Card Parties!?

The City of Grande Prairie and the Community Crime Prevention Committee are brining a special guest speaker to the city for a FREE presentation tonight!

Jim Diers is an internationally renowned expert in fighting crime by building stronger neibourhoods.

Jim contends that safe neighbourhoods tend to be places where people know and support one another. His work with the City of Seattle has helped neighbours build a stronger sense of community by facilitating more than 3000 neighbourhood self-help projects. These projects, including community gardens, murals, a revitalized business district, an Eritrean community center, and a gigantic troll have newly engaged tens of thousands of people with their communities and with their government. Not only have these projects transformed the physical appearance of neighborhoods, but they have resulted in greater safety.

If you want some great ideas on how to make your neibourhood safe make sure you attend this FREE presentation tonight!

Event Info
Title: Jim Diers:Fighting Crime with Gardens, Dragons, Trolls, and Card Parties
Start: 09/12/07 7:00PM
End: 09/12/07 9:00PM
Location: Golden Age Centre - 10222 101 Ave.

For More Info: (780) 882-7813
Note: This is a free presentation, but space is limited - please call to register

For more information on Jim Diers, please visit his Website

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