Thursday, September 20, 2007

People You Meet At Conferences

The conference here in Yellowknife has been great so far. There have been some excellent presentations on economic development and on fostering the "Next Big Idea". I'll try to write about some of those later on but I wanted to post a note about one person I met at lunch yesterday.

I sat at a table with GP Chamber of Commerce President, Dan Pearcy and a gentleman named Kevin Shoults. Kevin is an exhibitor at the trade show, he is manning the booth for Trafco Canada, the company that is installing GP's new red light traffic cameras. It was a great chance to pass on some of the questions people have asked me since the units started to go up.

On Pictures - the cameras record video (things to cover your plate or make it blur in a flash won't work).

On Privacy - the cameras do not record the faces of anyone in the car. Cars, the overview of the intersection, and the license plate only.

On Accuracy - each "violation" is reviewed by a human three times. Once is a quick check to make sure that the vehicle isn't an ambulance or police car or the back end of a semi-truck. Next it's reviewed by enforcement to look at the actual circumstances of the infraction. They check the video to see if there were special circumstances - any icy road, or moving through to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle. Then it goes to registries to confirm the license plate number and finally back to enforcement to send out the ticket.

On Features - the video that is recorded can be set up to be on the web. So that you can log in with your ticket number and review the video yourself before deciding to pay or fight the ticket. I'm not sure if we were planning on using this feature but I think we should and I'm going to talk to staff about it when I get back.

So, sitting with Kevin at lunch was a pretty great example of serendipity.

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